Roxanne Knight is a third year majoring in theater. She also minors in literature. She enjoys creative writing and reading poetry. She also collects records and loves analyzing music. Her life passion is providing safe spaces for people to speak their mind.

Naomi Rumph is a fourth-year student at UCSC majoring in Studio Art. Aside from painting and drawing, in her free time,  she enjoys being outdoors, reading,  learning about marine life, and baking.  She is a signer for Leviathan this year!

Alex Salkin is a second year politics major. She enjoys reading, journalism and fictional writing. She is also highly anticipating the day she can travel again. Alex is a signer for Leviathan and the financial representative.

Sarah Lynn is a fourth year HAVC major and a Studio Arts major who works primarily in oil paint and watercolor. She is interested in spiritualism, the supernatural, and unexplained phenomena. Sarah is a signer with Leviathan this year.