Tamar Weir is a second year student with a major in sociology and a minor in Education. This is her 4th quarter in Leviathan and has developed a love for writing and connecting with others over the years. She loves to doodle and make art on her free time and every night before bed she is journaling away. She is now the Production Manager and cannot wait to create unique designs for the magazine!


Amanda Leiserowitz is a third year at UCSC, double majoring in Art and Design: Games and Playable Media and Literature: Creative Writing! When she’s not writing, she loves to make comics and do watercolor paintings. She’s currently Co-Editor in Chief of Leviathan!


Georgie Blewett is a third year psychology major and education minor. This is her fifth quarter and Leviathan, and her second quarter as Co-Editor in Chief of Leviathan. She loves sailing and rowing and spends most of her weekends on the water. She loves expressing herself through poetry and songs, as well as sharing her experience through her nonfiction work.


Ethan Shohet is currently a Senior studying Business Management Economics with a passion in real estate and e-commerce. He is looking to learn more about our community through Leviathans publications.