Jackson Patrick-Sternin is a fourth-year student at UCSC majoring in video production. He regrets majoring in video production. He does his very best to never have free time, instead opting for mountains of projects. He has passions for writing, video art, drawing and collage, skateboarding, and when he’s really beat, he plays video games.

Naomi Rumph is a fourth-year student at UCSC majoring in Studio Art. Aside from painting and drawing, in her free time,  she enjoys being outdoors, reading,  learning about marine life, and baking.  She is a signer for Leviathan this year!

Greetings, My name is Ann C Niland. I am a reentry transfer student from Cabrillo joining the Literature department as a Junior in hopes of being accepted into the creative writing concentration. My life is full of all sorts of animals including an 8 year old child who has affirmed so many labels I never owned before. I am a singer, and dancer, a race car driver, a baker, a mender, a mad scientist, a bard, and things I don’t know of yet. My belly is full of all sorts of stories. And I love filling it with even more offerings from the world.

Mieka Stang is a Theater Arts major with an emphasis in design, particularly props and scenic design. Mieka likes to embroider, cook, and journal. She is also slowly working on a novel. Mieka is a signer with Leviathan and financial representative. 

Sarah Lynn is a fourth year HAVC major and a Studio Arts major who works primarily in oil paint and watercolor. She is interested in spiritualism, the supernatural, and unexplained phenomena. Sarah is a signer with Leviathan this year.