Cast From The Hand

By Ann Niland


Sarah Lynn

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Cast From The Hand

 There was a time
 When nothing much mattered
 Except for what amounted to
 Less than a handful
 One could hold a cup full of sole within the same hand as this bauble
 and still have room for ones keys
 and yet the sole would go un-supped
 and the keys might fall to the ground in order to save so much spark  and light
 so much insight and deception,
 that corruption of time
 To keep it close
 To keep it safe
 To allow it in
 To never let it go
                      Throw it away! Throw it away!
 A constant companion
 That nothing          and everything
 The apple in your eye
 and mine
 All of us baked in a pie

Throw it away! Throw it away!

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