Letter from the Editors – Spring 2018

Having been editors together for the entirety of this school year, we have had many discussions about why we are attracted to and compelled to write for Leviathan. We are both interested in history as well as the importance of engaging our voices with the world when we have content that we are passionate about. As a historical archive, we both agree that Leviathan is unique — few other campuses across the United States have such a legacy with founders and members who have gone on to important journalistic, academic, or otherwise Jewish work. Additionally, this journal has been an incredible way for us to engage with our greater Jewish community. We’ve been able to openly, authentically and accurately express our voices, especially as we have experienced an increase in inaccuracy and divisiveness in the world these past few years. We have a tremendous obligation to report and write responsibly, and we hope that we did so. We hope we’ve expanded conversations and helped to reach the Jewish community around us.

Earlier this year, we decided that because of Leviathan’s tremendous legacy and importance as a historical archive, it would be neat to have a special issue commemorating the 45 years we have gone strong. Now, we could have waited for our 50th anniversary, but we wouldn’t be here for that. We just really wanted to participate and speak to the past editors — so that’s what we did. Our staff loved the idea and we got to work, looking back at all of the issues and contacting graduated Leviathan alumni. We’re excited to finally share all of this will you — the words, stories, and lessons that Leviathan has taught us all throughout the years. To the future leadership and staff – we wish you love and good luck, and we can’t wait to see how you carry on the Leviathan legacy.



Avery and Zach

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