45 Years of Leviathan

45 Years of Leviathan

To celebrate our 45th anniversary, we asked Leviathan alumni to respond to a singular prompt:

“What is the biggest challenge facing the Jewish world today?”

Our hopes were that alumni’s answers would reflect the rich intellectual acumen that forty-five years of Leviathan has produced as well as accentuate how perceptions of the Jewish world change from decade to decade. We wanted to get a sense of who these people are who created and contributed to this journal.

After they responded to us with their initial thoughts, we had our staffers conduct interviews with them in order to go into more depth. The interviews in this section of the journal are all based upon the past editors’ interpretation of the question. Avery and Zach, the current editors, chose to write stand-alone pieces rather than participate in interviews.

The opinions stated in these interviews and pieces are the sole opinions of the participants. The interviews have been condensed for clarity.

Below is a slideshow of covers from our past 45 years!


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