By Robin Liepman

Freedom, we grasp for sweetness,

moments of uninhibited bliss,

overcome with this,

overwhelming cosmic kiss,


trail shifted


undogmatic psycho-somatic mind-body motion flowing through our veins,

commotion in our brains, misconceiving the essence of our presence

we call it the present because it’s a gift, so I am grateful

we liberate our voices when we have both courage and opportunity

but suppress our truth all the time

knowing something is festering

something big is happening, but afraid of our own ability to launch into dangerous territory,

of our own power to create the change…

I grew up safe and wondered why this isn’t the case

for all of the human race

in a complacent community living in boxes but void of unity

I now know the need to end the greed

to supersede preexisting tyrannical pyramids of power

to set our voices free like songbirds flying from a collapsing ivory tower,

and discover what we can truly be

when we live without chains in harmony

Picture by Karin Gold

Published on page 23 of the Winter 2012 issue of Leviathan.

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