Leviathan Staff – Winter 2011

This is a list Leviathan’s Winter 2011 staff.

Antaeus has decided, contrary to the advice of his doctors and psychiatrists, to re-apply for a wrestling license with the hope of making the most epic comeback ever. He currently spends all of his time training at the gym and writing for Leviathan.









Shani Chabansky is a third year majoring in Anthropolo-goy and Stewish Judies. She enjoys making spoonerisms, sultry songs and slimey-yet-satisfying sounds such as a squawking mallard in heat, stepping on a thousand screeching cats’ tails or a thick stew when it’s boiling.






Catie Damon has grown old with Leviathan. Her hands are not as steady as they used to be and her eyesight is waning. It is time to say goodbye to the magazine, so she’s packing up suitcases, preparing to walk the stage, and setting off to dwell in new lands.









Robbie Pleasant has been writing for Leviathan since his Freshman year. Now in his final year at UCSC, he continues to write and contribute articles such as his quarterly editorial, “Random Ramblings From Your Friendly Neighborhood Jew.”









Nate Rogers is a 3rd year Literature student at UCSC. He enjoys calculus, paying rent, bad weather, and lying. You may find him standing in CVS, looking at the latest “Now That’s What I Call Music!,” and saying, “Really, guys? Now 37? Really?”









Rachel Starr-Glass is a 3rd year Jewish Studies major at UCSC. This is her first quarter writing for Leviathan.










Ethan Tratner is a senior History major and Jewish studies minor. He enjoys reading science fiction and watching bad horror movies. He is hoping to go to grad school and work in a museum but maybe take some time off first.









Alexandria Vickery’s outrageously awesome outfits often cause car accidents. If she had to choose between you and a sloth, she’d pick the sloth. In a few weeks she is going to volunteer at a Sloth Orphanage in Costa Rica. There she will be fulfilling her childhood fantasy of hanging upside-down and moving in slow motion.









Rachel Wallace spends half her time upside down on her head or in the air. (She recently won the official nation-wide Defying Gravity Competition.) She spends the other half of her time at Jewish events, Israel events or partying at the UCSC Science and Engineering Library.









Aaron White smuggled into the U.S. amongst a herd of ornery Alpacas fleeing the Alpacalypse. Three months shy of intellectual freedom and all he can do is stencil sweet nothings on street corners with childish glee. One day he will grow up and become a real person. Maybe.









Amberly Young is in disguise. She is really Meta-Amber, the world’s first superhero that fights crime while fighting crime. Her superpowers include writing songs about song-writing, tie-dying while wearing tie-dye, and reducing bad guys to meta-confusion about why they’re so confused in the first place.

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