Everything is a Circle

By Zora Raskin

Nuclear proliferation has become so much a part of the constant buzz of the Washington hive that we have ceased to question

We are building and building and building to destruction

We have accepted the narrative that if we possess 500 times the power of the sun our enemies will crawl back into the holes from where they came from?

That their violence, fears our violence

Break that linear bullshit, everything is a circle.

Violence is, and violence is, and violence is

A circle. A circle. A circle.

They hit us, we hit them back because at that point what do we have to lose?

We have the power to incinerate people. Fuck superheroes, our government has the power of all the X-men combined—The Cyclops of nuclear power will leave only your shadow, while Storm rains toxic ash on you for decades and the rest hide behind Wolverine’s dapper grin.

But Magneto had a choice between good and evil and he chose wrong, so karma’s a bitch.


Break that linear bullshit.

Hitler killed himself—not out of guilt, you do not simply repent and then die—you are thinking in a line again. Violence corrupts the soul.

To create such violence we enact such violence on ourselves.

Tell the legion of one-breasted women in Utah who the enemy is.

The pilot who dropped the bomb on Hiroshima went mad.

No one has asked out generation to pay for grandpa’s sins but the Japanese still bleed diseased blood. They still bleed diseased blood.

The violence soaks into our soil, it spreads unchecked through our wind patterns. We breathe violence into our lungs.

It grows tumors.

Multiplying without question and before we know it the only solution is to use the very same toxic violence to kill itself.

Taking all the good cells with it.

Everything is a circle. Everything is a circle. Everything is a circle.

Break this linear bullshit.


Published on page 58 of the Winter 2011 issue of Leviathan.

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