Letter from the Editor – Winter 2011

As my thoughts turn inward, both my heart and mind swell with pride and admiration for the group of individuals I have come to know over the past quarter. We are a dedicated and passionate group, willing to engage in challenging and sometimes uncomfortable dialogue. Internal tension creates pressure, but like a crooked spine in need of muscular support, our unique and sepearate ideologies lent integrity to the Jewish voice of UCSC.

In an effort to stimulate meaningful writing, Leviathan chose to free ourselves from the constraints of a specific theme. Echoing the words of last quarter, “art is news” informs the artful format of the journal and reflects our collective style. I am continually astounded by the staff’s expertise; there is no end to our ability to create.

With their potential to endure the test of time, words have an everlasting nature. Yet they maintain a transient quality, intangible in reality: words do not exist outside of themselves. This dual infusion of contradictory attributes is extremely powerful, even dangerous. A truly seasoned writer is an artist–can sculpt an idea, using words as clay and audience as kiln. This is the process that changes the world. Although I consider myself a die-hard skeptic (but never a cynic), I place all of my faith in the capacity of words to paint our colorful world with indelible ink.

L’chaim slugs,

Shani Chabansky

Published on page 4 of the Winter 2011 issue of Leviathan.

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