White Noise

By Amrit Sidhu


Run into the field of bounty, 

of all that is aesthetically


Bask in the glory of its scent.

Let its poison overflow your lungs

and kill every living cell

within your essence.

Run into that field of



Where sunflowers follow the

path of light

and bestow smiles upon the world.

For behind those smiles lies a deep,

hidden meaning.

Tall and surmounting any

imposing force,

the sunflowers rise up against the world.

Grimacing over the weak and powerless below.

Sucking up all nutrients

and scoffing at the famished.


Run into the field of mercy

and allow yourself to become entranced

by the flash of colours.

They beckon those without souls.


For once you enter,

you are forever signed away as a slave of society.

A dead society full of colour.

Feed them, clothe them, bathe them,

and pray to them.

A slave of a system in which

Agua es vida.

Published on page 58 of the Spring 2012 issue of Leviathan.

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