About Us

Leviathan Jewish Journal is the Jewish publication at UC Santa Cruz. For almost 50 years, dating back to when UC Santa Cruz first opened, Leviathan Jewish Journal publishes articles, columns, news, recipes stories and artwork from students pertaining to the Jewish community and experience. Pick up a copy of our latest edition at the libraries and cafes around campus as well at select Synagogues and Jewish community centers throughout California. If you would like to submit a piece for publication, contact us by sending an email to leviathanvoice@gmail.com.

Statement of Intent

Leviathan Jewish Journal is a medium through which Jewish students and their surrounding community may have the opportunity to freely express their voices. We are committed to authentically and responsibly representing the views of each individual author. Every quarter, we try our best to publish a full and balanced spectrum of media, exploring Jewish identity and social issues. The opinions presented in the journal do not always represent the collective opinion of the Leviathan staff, the organized Jewish-American community, or the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Membership is open to all students. If you’re interested in contributing or finding out more, be sure to contact us at leviathanvoice@gmail.com or follow us on Instagram @leviathanjewishjournal

L’chaim, slugs!