Leviathan Staff – Spring 2011

This is a list Leviathan’s Winter 2011 staff.

Aaron Giannini was born and raised in West Philadelphia, where he spent most of his days on the playground. After a traumatic event with a couple of troublesome guys who were making trouble in his neighborhood, his mom got scared and sent him to live with his uncle and auntie. If anything, I’d say his story was rare.

Aaron White is destined for lower-middle management in a hexagon, not a cubicle. When not smuggling sloths south of the border, he is snuggling with them, or making sex toys. (He misses Alexandria Vickery).

Amberly Young hates word games. “Yo, my bagel run!” Amberly Young. My rugby, alone. Burly yoga men. Gay bony lemur. Angry Yule Mob. Yam Born Gluey  . . .  nay mroe qeutsonis? (She also misses Alexandria Vickery).

Ethan Tratner is now graduating and running off into the wild blue yonder. He plans on taking some time off but eventually going to graduate school to study history. But he will always remember Leviathan and the friends he made.

Megan Susman has enjoyed herself immensely as a first and last time member of the Leviathan staff. She is leaving with the knowledge of where the Leviathan sleeps and will spend this next year pursuing the creature across the seven seas.

Nate Rogers is a 3rd year Literature major at UC Santa Cruz. He doesn’t like Springsteen as much as you think he does. Maybe.

When Oren Gotesman isn’t fighting fire-breathing dragons or performing benefit concerts to help innocent kittens, he enjoys his position of Head Sass Muffin for Leviathan.

Prescott Watson was not sure if, as a non-Jew, he could write for Leviathan. His excellent blog that tracks the eye-wear of world leaders won the Editor-in-Chief over. The blog is not public.

This is Robbie Pleasant’s last  quarter at UCSC and Leviathan. He’s proud of all the time he’s spent writing for this magazine and has hidden clues to the hidden treasure in each of his articles over these past four years. Good luck!

Savyonne Steindler is a junior majoring in Anthropology and Jewish Studies. She is sure May 21st will be Judgment Day and by the time you’re reading this the world will be ending and the issues discussed in this journal will no longer have any relevance. Cheers!

Shani Chabansky is an ultra hedonist, cultural Jew, critical Zionist, mostly vegetarian, traditional feminist, artistic anthropologist, skeptical journalist, religious musician and eternal romantic. Handle with care. (She misses Alexandria Vickery, too).

Published on page 68 of the Spring 2011 issue of Leviathan.

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