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The Movie Philosopher

By Savyonne Steindler Published on page 36 of the Spring 2012 issue of Leviathan.

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On Religion as a Defense Against Psychological Weakness: Rethinking Stereotypes of Baalei Teshuvah

By Savyonne Steindler The following is an excerpt from Savyonne’s senior thesis...

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By Savyonne Steindler Published on page 43 of the Winter 2012 issue of...

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My Akedah

By Savyonne Steindler  You bound your children to the altar of God...

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Leviathan Staff – Spring 2011

This is a list Leviathan’s Winter 2011 staff.

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Exceptionalism and Acceptance for Arab Israelis

By Savyonne Steindler I recently received a forwarded email from my oldest...

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