Matzo Brei Recipe

Matzo Brei Recipe

Written and photographed by Rachel Ledeboer, ft. Luna the Cat

If you have a lot of leftover matzo from Passover, this is a great recipe to use it up!

There’s a pretty big controversy out there on how you are supposed to make matzo brei, but this is the way I like to do it. I prefer for it to be more savory and to have more of a harder, fried texture.


  • 2 sheets of matzo
  • 2 eggs
  • Splash of (oat) milk
  • Onion salt
  • Pepper
  • Season-all salt
  • Olive oil

-Crack the two eggs into a bowl and mix them up.

-Add a splash of milk and some of each of the seasonings. (You can add as much as you want, but generally it is good to add a bit more than you think you will need.)

-Break the matzo up into small pieces and mix it in with the egg mixture.

-Stir it up to make sure the matzo is evenly coated and then let it soak in the mixture for at least 5 minutes if not longer (depending on how soft you like it—longer will be softer).

-Heat up a few tablespoons of olive oil in a small or medium-sized pan, just enough to coat the entire surface of the pan.

-Pour in your matzo mix and spread it out so it fills the whole pan.

-Fry it up for a few minutes, then break it up and flip the pieces around to fry the other side.

-Taste test to see if you need more seasoning, add accordingly, and then you’re done!

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