A Word from God

by Jackson Patrick-Sternin

Some fourteen billion years ago, I snapped my metaphysical fingers and the void grew so hot it scorched my skin. For ten billion years I was content with observing the chaotic beauty that ensued. I watched this ritual cosmic dance in awe, innumerable particles joining into molecules, innumerable molecules attracting and building innumerable new constructions, all joined in some way or another. I consumed this spectacle for ten billion years, until I happened upon a baby planet that You named Earth. 

Your Earth was the last of my findings, a planet of flame that would soon cool, and in cooling would produce thousands of years of water condensing and falling from the sky. I saw potential in this place, the potential for You. I watched with great joy as molecules joined in such a way that they created something more similar to myself than anything I could find in the landscape generated by the fateful snap. They were my first children, primitive extensions of myself, which first consumed light and minerals for survival, then each other. I turned a blind eye to this development, the natural drive for life to cannibalize, and I selfishly saw a means to end the loneliness that has plagued my existence. I saw a means to finally have company in this vast landscape.

Soon after the little creatures turned on each other, the creatures You call bacteria, they began a rapid arms race of both defensive and offensive weaponry. They began escalating in complexity. They eventually shaped into what you call fish, creatures with a speck of free will. Some of these would become terrible giants, some would hide in the shadows, others would make their way onto land as they were pushed from their initial habitat by lack of resources for survival. They would adapt to the world of air. An explosion of life that challenged the creation of the universe itself in its violence and complexity ensued, generating an enormous breadth of variance and intelligence. They would surpass that spec of will into primitive conscious thought. Life and death hung in fragile balance. The most lethal beings were those very first bacteria which took hold and ate the higher life forms. The higher creatures developed mechanisms to deal with those lethal little things and most survived. Yet, a cycle of extinction and rebirth followed. With each mass extinction, the survivors grew stronger. 

After some time, my hopes were realized with the evolution of a strange and brilliant creature, the evolution of You. You were my greatest triumph. You were to play the role of the blood in your veins. Just as the red and white blood cells that run through Your veins deal in life and death, the red sustaining you and the white eradicating those little creatures that make You sick, You were to sustain the Earth. Your collective intelligence rivaled my own.

Yet, like the bacteria that came long before You, You turned on yourselves. A powerful minority of your population became the cancer that your bodies can barely defend against, a cancer that is eating through the enormous organism called Earth as much as it is your individual bodies. I watched in horror as the worst among you cannibalize your species and the fountain of life you inhabit. I reached out to some of you, passing simple rules and doctrines by which to live, by which to sustain humanity at large, and your Earth by proximity. I thought I had made myself clear, but I suppose I wasn’t clear enough. I continue to observe and I continue to love You as many fall further and further from their purpose, the worst among you eradicating all in their path. Your years may very well have become finite, and I fear I will be left to explore the vast nothingness once again in solitude. Yet, while the cannibals bite harder, the collective force of good among you vastly outnumbers those terrible few. This is a time of great peril, a turning point for mankind and all of my children who have worked eons to exist as they do. It is time to take your stand, in unity you will triumph. I love You, and I pray for You.

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