Laughing Cow

Written by Jenna Westling

Born an ungulate with udders

A deadly combination

Because of this fate

You’re less than a carcass

As a bairn

You’re reared in a cramped barn stable

And as a dairy cow

You live in a coffin

You’re labeled as “free range”

Yet you’ve never set hoof on a pasture

You wonder if the grass is just as green

From the trough in your cage

In your daily routine, you’re





And abused

Until you can’t even stand on your own four hooves

You dream of the day

You’ll be whisked off into darkness

On a fatal conveyer belt

Leaving this suffering behind

What do they have in store for you?

Will you be a belt?

A tenderloin?

Why did they torture you?

Was it all in the name of whey?

Fingers crossed your skin

Will be worn by a household name

Are you happy?

Are you a martyr?

You’re branded at birth

With a hot iron

Then branded when you’re dead

As medium rare

And what of your offspring?

Will they be veal?

They were robbed of their sustenance

Where were they taken? Where?

Your calf will continue this cycle

And so will your grandchildren

Until all that is left of your family name

Are liquid white ashes

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