give me a new name

give me a new name

Written by Olivia Magee

Illustrated by Liam Cox

give me a new name
a cataclysm of trust falls
scheduled for thursday
a new gait learned and a new space
the specs were not quite what i imagined
but when i held your hand
i felt your warmth and your blood flowing
i took pills to keep me sane
to keep my body working
but my eyes love to wander
to a life of subduction
becoming less than a star
becoming more than a rock
but never losing track of the simple
deadbeat dog i am
a heart beats faster
but my doctor says it’s wrong
and the way i think you’ll say my name
provokes me to follow you
down the coast of california
this fine state of disappointment and production
of population and vacation
a backwards road of ugly homes and cows shitting their brothers
brings me back to the days when i was just putting stickers
on the window of my moms volvo the smell of dried up vomit
i’m drawing blood of mine for a new age
ritual celebration of love between two
i’m drawing on my eyebrows to frame the windows to my soul
like a piece of art you can’t help but look at
and admire the symmetry and endeavor
olives fall from minerva’s limbs
swollen with stolen water
and girls like me swarm like seagulls around a chance to feed on
how my name is shaped by your mouth
in a blister creation of tongue moving soul sucking heart moving
the state is burning down
and i am escaping to new arms
where my heart might embrace the sea and the backdrop of your childhood
where your heart took a beating.

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