Letter from the Editors

As another academic year is upon us, we at Leviathan are more excited than ever to kick off the year with this issue! As you have probably noticed, we are elevating the physical presence of the journal and are printing at a higher quality this year. We are printing fewer copies than in the past which will enable us to reduce our paper use and will give us an opportunity to pursue more effective and creative uses for our funding.

As writers and media-makers, we are very committed to providing honest, versatile, and meaningful content. While we all enjoy producing this content, the ultimate goal is for the school to benefit from our stories and hopefully learn about or reflect upon something new. Because of this, we would love to hear from you – the readers. A goal of ours this year is to engage more with the readership, so if you have any thoughts, opinions, or even want to produce a piece, don’t hesitate to reach out or attend one of our weekly meetings. With much of our staff leaving after this academic year, it is important for us to remain as engaged as ever as a staff and think about what is important to the public in relation to the Jewish community. We, as usual, are motivated to tell stories about our roles in or around the Jewish community – and we are excited to have another year of content as we celebrate the 45th year of publication for Leviathan Jewish Journal.


Avery and Zach


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