Letter from the Editor

In this desperate and fractured reality we currently live in, I am compelled by the power of media more than ever before. Leviathan is a place for individual voice and purpose. I joined Leviathan and continue to work for this publication because I believe in the importance of individual voice, especially when our voice is threatened. We cannot be silenced, because this silence can and will breed something far worse than any current state of fractured reality.

With a newly elected Trump administration and the appointment of individuals such as Steve Bannon, we at Leviathan extend our support and stand in solidarity with marginalized and threatened communities. If you should ever feel unsafe, the Leviathan weekly meeting space is always open to you, Jewish or not Jewish. And you can always reach us at our email address if you should want to talk about anything.

The media plays a crucial role in influencing the public – and sometimes that role is a dangerous one. Media can sway the public to blindly follow what is read. With this issue we have a plethora of voices present: some political, some not. Our individual voices cannot be silenced in a time like this. Collectively, we must remain engaged on all fronts to ensure that the future that unfolds is one in which we fight for our morals. We cannot forget ourselves in moments like this. The public is watching now, what will we stand for?



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