Believing to be Living

Written by Evan Harris

Illustrated by Annelise Asch


Believing is letting go and holding on tight

Believing is trusting that your chair won’t break when you sit down

Believing is finishing a puzzle without all the pieces

Believing is knowing what can’t be known and forming a thesis

Believing isn’t about the old or the youth

Believing is about the mistakes you make with the truth

Believing isn’t about faking it

Believing has to be about the dirt at your feet

Believing has to be about the food stuck in your teeth

Believing has to be about the thoughts buried deep

Believing has made some feel complete

Believing has left many wondering in the streets

Believing the days come and go and the sun is not lying

Believing the airplane you’re in will continue flying

Believing can take you higher than you’ve ever been

Believing convinces the senses their task is not in vain

Believing is loving’s cousin who missed her train

Believing will follow you all the way home

Believing cannot be left alone

Believing is often all that keeps him going

Believing may happen when you give up

Believing may ask you to give everything all at once

Believing will sleep in your head and in mine

Believing will wake when we’re lost again

Believing manifests in actions large or in small fractions

Believing won’t be forced but it won’t be chosen either

Believing will happen because you’ve run out of questions to ask but you still have a desire

Believing is facing the situation with open arms

Believing is ignoring the fire alarm

Believing is asking and hearing no answer

Believing is about listening

Believing in her doesn’t mean she also believes in you

Believing in her may be the best thing you do

Believing is a web and you’re the spider

Believing is the dark and the fire

Believing will help you find your mind that you lost last night

Believing will help you beat the thoughts you fought last night

Believing in nothing is an impossible task

Believing in something is all we have

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