Winter Jewish Studies Courses – Fall 2011

Interested in exploring Judaism though an academic lens? Want to develop a background in Jewish literature, history, languages, or cultures? You don’t need to be a Jewish Studies major to enrich your Jewish knowledge. Check out the courses the Jewish Studies program is offering winter quarter.

Jewish Studies at UCSC

Amberly Young

HEB 2 Instruction in the Hebrew Language with Tammi Rossman-Benjamin
HEB 5 Intermediate Hebrew with Doron Friedman
HEB 80 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew with Tammi Rossman-Benjamin
HIS 2B The World Since 1500 with Gregory O’Malley
HIS 70B Modern European History, 1789-1914 with Mark Cioc
HIS 178B European Intellectual History,The Nineteenth Century with Jonathan Beecher
HIS 185J The Modern Jewish Experience with Paula Daccarett
HIS 196G Modern Germany and Europe with Mark Cioc
HIS 196P Hitler and Stalin with Peter Kenez
HISC 125 Jewish Socialism in Eastern Europe with Barbara Epstein
LIT 61J Introduction to Jewish Literature and Culture with Murray Baumgarten
LTPR 144B Hebrew Bible with Nathaniel Deutsch
LTPR 102 Hellenistic Jewish Fiction with Daniel Selden
MUSC 80T Mizrach: Jewish Music in the lands of Islam with Avi Tchamni
YIDD 1 Introduction to Yiddish with Jonathan Levitow

Published on page 63 of the Fall 2011 issue of Leviathan.

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