Letter from the Editor – Spring 2011

Driving down Highway 1 this time of year, my breath always comes to halt in witness of the slow and steady retreat of winter’s chilly green, allowing the yellow mustard seed to relieve the California coastline of yet another cycle of crops. My pulse races knowing that soon the entire hillside will be covered in a warm blanket, the color of the sun. Endlessly grateful for the process of pollination that enables such majesty, I wonder how I, too, might effect my own world in such a way.

Sowing the seeds of the lessons learned over the past few months gives me the confidence to assist in the publication of a journal filled to the brim with the work of my hardworking and remarkably intelligent peers. It is a pleasure and an honor to work aside a team of creative and energetic young writers. I am endlessly proud to be part of what I know will be a generation to reckon with.

Like a garden growing from seed, the ripening of life requires diligent regulation. Working with what we’ve got, we raise ourselves from germination, tilling the soil and watering with pride the fruits of our knowledge and compassion, patiently waiting for harvest. A labor-intensive practice, no doubt. But well worth the wait.


L’chaim slugs,

Shani Chabansky

Published on page 4 of the Spring 2011 issue of Leviathan.

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