Things that I am relatively sure of

By Noah Miska

Everyone’s perspective is valid from their own perspective.

No one chooses their genetics, where they are born, when they are born, or who they are born to, and those four things determine everything that any given person ever thinks, feels and does.

A dollar bill has no inherent value. Value is in food, in shelter, and in other basic necessities. The ability to accurately perceive value is also inherently valuable.

If you want to have rights, then everyone else has to have them too, and with your rights comes the obligation to not infringe upon the rights of others.

Any event can have repercussions of huge magnitude and of a wholly unpredictable nature. Everything you do affects everyone and everything on the planet.

Everyone is always doing what they think is best. Disagreement stems from different understandings of what is best, and from different understandings of which actions are most likely to result in a given outcome.

There must exist an enormous body of shared understanding between people before they have the capacity to misunderstand one another.

If every person refuses to ever kill another animal (humans included), we will see the end of war, and we will be able to free up the resources necessary to end hunger, overpopulation, climate change and most illnesses.


Published on page 20 of the Winter 2011 issue of Leviathan.

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