William Sump is a graduate student in applied economics and finance. He hopes to utilize all the opportunities he has been blessed with in life to make a positive lasting impact in the world for future generations. While he is dedicated to his academic pursuits, he strives to maintain balance with his professional goals, family life, and community service.

Raquela Bases is a Junior World Literature and Cultural Studies Major at UCSC. She loves spending time in the ocean and eating spicy foods. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, painting, and creative writing.

Avery Weinman is a History major and Jewish Studies minor at UCSC.  There is a good chance she is either reading or writing a paper right now.  She likes to ponder and dissect pop culture, music, movies, art, and other useless but entertaining things.  If she’s not working or sleeping there is a one hundred percent chance she is daydreaming about dogs.

Rose Teplitz is currently a third year English Literature major and is the art director for Leviathan. Working as a page editor and artist for her high school newspaper, Rose found a love for journalism expressed through illustration. When she’s not working on Leviathan, Rose enjoys reading, hiking through the woods, and painting. She resides near San Francisco.

Zach Brenner is a third year Film and Critical Race/ Ethnic Studies double major. He is passionate about using media as a tool for social activism. He also enjoys golf, baseball (except for when the Nationals always lose), nature, and beautiful architecture.

Wesley is a third year psychology major and this is his third quarter with Leviathan. He has competitively swam since he was six and is a swim coach here in Santa Cruz. He hopes one day to own a motorcycle and to find true love.

Annelise Asch is a third year physics major, and illustrator on the Leviathan staff. In her spare time, she enjoys petting dogs, pressing flowers, painting photo-realistically and spontaneously driving to odd places (in that order). She is from the Los Angeles area.

Arianna Weingarten is a fifth year Anthropology/Earth Science & Biology major who is in her third year of production for Leviathan.  She has a knack for making homemade yogurt and enjoys painting and adventuring. Ar recently adopted a sulcata tortoise named Lola who is expected to live for 150 years. She encourages you all to go watch the movie Run Lola Run.

Jessica Moreno is currently a third year, studying Literature with a concentration in Modern Literature. She enjoys reading, writing my own creative pieces, and going on new adventures! This is her first quarter being a part of Leviathan, and she can’t wait to see what more can come out of this experience!

Eva Jason is a third year. She studies chemistry and has been involved with Leviathan since her first quarter at UCSC. In her spare time she likes to forage for mushrooms, search for salamanders, cook and bake, and paint. She also has recently become the web manager for Leviathan, so let her know if you see anything amiss.